Fertility Lubricant Pre-filled Applicators 8x4g

Conceive Plus 8 prefilled lubricant applicators for trying to get pregnant

Fertility Lubricant Pre-filled Applicators 8x4g

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£19.99 £18.99

When it’s time to grow your family, choose Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant Pre-Filled Applicators.

✅ 8 x 4g Pre-Filled Applicators for Intra-Vaginal Use

✅ Easy to use

For best results, use Conceive Plus each time you and your partner have sex when trying to get pregnant.

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Conceive Plus 8 x 4g Pre-Filled Applicators Fertility Lubricant 

The ONLY Pre-Filled Applicators with Key Ions (Mg2+ and Ca2+) — Made for Easy, Female-Friendly Application

The best things in life come in pairs! You can think of the Pre-Filled Applicators as being for ‘her’, while the lubricant tube is for ‘him’, applied to the penis. Use with Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant. Shop now! 

Imagine living the life of your dreams – you, your partner and those gorgeous, sparkling eyes of the baby you created smiling back at you. Sometime’s it’s not easy to make a baby. In fact, infertility is growing. But, Conceive Plus Pre-Filled applicators can help with sperm migration and bonding of the sperm to the egg, greatly improving your odds for conception

Key benefits:

✅  Supports Sperm Viability & Motility

✅  Safe for Oocytes and Embryo Development

✅  Mimics the Body’s Natural Fertile Fluids

✅  For Use by All Couples (Even with PCOS, Irregular Ovulation, Hormones, etc.)

Infertility is something that’s taken over the West in the last few decades. That’s why we’ve recruited doctors from the Massachusetts General Hospital and world-renown Harvard Medical School to create a unique, fertility-friendly lubricant that helps couples TTC become more fertile. But keep in mind: completely fertile couples are sometimes unable to conceive the first few times trying, too. The Fertility Lubricant helps both couples experiencing infertility AND those not. Conceive Plus is a sperm-friendly, laboratory-developed lubricant that helps improve the chance of a planned pregnancy, allowing couples to start the family of their dreams on their own watch.

When thinking of adding to your family, choose Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant.

Trusted, Top Quality Fertility Support

  • Developed by Harvard Medical School Doctors
  • Non-Irritating to Vaginal Tissue
  • Manufactured in France
  • Non-Toxic

Why women trying to conceive choose Conceive Plus in 60+ countries

✅  The ONLY Lubricant with Magnesium and Calcium Ions. Calcium and magnesium are well-known minerals needed in the diet. But, they’re also needed for conception, too. Conceive Plus is a patented lubricant that incorporates fertility-enhancing ions to boost the odds of conception.

✅  8 Easy to Use Pre-Filled Internal Applicators. With the help of the ergonomically shaped applicators (which come pre-filled), the fertility lubricant is applied deep within the vagina to ensure a thorough coating along with the vagina and cervix. This ensures a deep coverage of the sperm-friendly lubricant for enhanced fertilisation.

✅  Balanced Osmolality and pH. The pH of the product lies within the ideal range established by the World Health Organization (WHO). Because the pH is optimised at 7.5 (i.e. neutral, slightly basic) it optimises the trek for sperm. Less-acidic vaginal conditions are needed to allow sperm to survive when swimming to the egg.

✅  Vaginal Moisturiser, Relieves Vaginal Dryness. Vaginal dryness is more common than most couples think! It affects up to 3 in 4 couples trying to conceive (TTC). Conceive Plus Pre-Filled Applicators thoroughly coat the vaginal environment with its moisturising properties, which lubricates the vagina for pleasure and also provides ideal conditions for sperm to travel.

✅  Improves Sperm Viability and Motility. Unlike most other lubricants, Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant completely mixes with sperm. Other lubricants can wall off sperm, creating a barrier. The sperm-mixing affect better assists sperm on their journey to the egg.

Fertility Lubricant Made for All Couples TTC

Our mission at Conceive Plus is to try and help as many couples read two stripes on their pregnancy tests as possible.

Conceive Plus is designed to help men and women of ALL ages. The quality and science-backed attention put into all of our products are what makes Conceive Plus the brand by millions choose when it’s time to grow their family. 

Order Conceive Plus Pre-Filled Applicators now to give the body ideal conditions for conception.

Remove applicator from box, do not use if tamper evident tab is broken. Hold applicator narrow end facing upwards, twist off the tab and discard. Gently insert the narrow end of the applicator deep into the vagina and squeeze the bulb end 2-3 times to deposit Conceive Plus® into the vaginal cavity. Remove while continuing to squeeze the bulb end and discard. Each applicator is for single use only and cannot be stored after opening or reused. May be applied 10-15 minutes prior to sexual activity to allow moisture to disperse throughout the vagina. Each applicator contains 4 grams of Conceive Plus®. We suggest using Conceive Plus® multi-use tube if additional moisture is required or use another applicator. Conceive Plus® Multi-use Tube may be used in conjunction with Conceive Plus® Pre-filled Applicators for intra-vaginal application.

Conceive Plus® is a personal lubricant, for penile and/or vaginal application, intended to moisturize and lubricate, to enhance the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity and supplement the body’s natural lubrication. Conceive Plus® is compatible with sperm, oocytes, and embryos and can be used by couples trying to conceive. This product can be used in fertility interventions to facilitate entry of diagnostic and therapeutic devices into the vaginal cavity. Conceive Plus® is compatible with natural latex and polyurethane condoms. This product is not for use with synthetic polyisoprene condoms.

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  1. user

    I’ve been trying to get pregnant for the past 3 years but nothing. I’ve used this one time within my fertile
    window and I can say I am now pregnant I’m almost 2 months.
    By Tia on May 1, 2018

  2. user

    I too used this once and fell pregnant I’m now 19 weeks. I find it helps to track your cycle and know what days you ovulate ect. I used the applicator 15 minutes prior to inter course and than use the tube of lube. Good luck ?
    By Tay on January 1, 2018

  3. user

    I was trying for almost 2 years for a baby with no luck, used conceive plus twice and now my son is 6 months old ? xx
    By Cara on August 13, 2018

  4. user

    I’ve been trying to get pregnant for the past 3 years but nothing. I’ve used this one time within my fertile
    window and I can say I am now pregnant I’m almost 2 months.
    By Karlyce on May 1, 2018

  5. user

    I used this an now I’m 20 weeks pregnant!!??
    By Christiana on August 26, 2018

  6. office

    we tried this once , the pre filled applicators , we tried it around the first week of March , March 27th i got FOUR positive pregnancy test ?? , currently 5 weeks and 3 days , i believe it actually worked ✨? because we have been trying for over a year & the first time we used this , we’re pregnant!!! Good luck to every one that’s trying!!!
    By Sasha on April 2019

  7. office

    It works was trying for all most a year first time trying this and it worked
    -Desiree on March 2019

  8. office

    First time using conceive plus and I’m 13 weeks cant thank you enough x
    -Laura on March 2019

  9. office

    Tried it and got pregnant 2nd month we tried, currently 21 weeks
    By Helen, March 2019

  10. office

    I used this the one time and now I have a little girls who is 7 weeks old x
    By Leann, February 2019

  11. office

    Hi 🙂 I have PCOS and it worked for me and my partner however I did have to test every month to see if and when I ovulated. We were trying for years and the first month of using this I conceived. I think it’s amazing stuff!!
    By Lozza, February 2019

  12. office

    I have Endo and pcos and it definitely helped me
    By Trina, February 2019

  13. Stacey

    I have pcos so dont get periods every months been trying for a baby for 4 year after we lost one can anyone give me any advice please x

  14. Lorna

    I have pcos have been trying for 1 year recently got the conceive plus lubricant used it 3 times in my fertile cycle and on the day I missed my period I did a test and it was positive 1-2 weeks, unfortunately after 5 days I miscarried. I will recommend this to anyone to use

  15. Sarah

    Me and my boyfriend have been trying 2 years for a baby. I have a fibroid and an under active thyroid I didn’t think would happen. We got conceive plus pre filled capsules used 6 out of the pack and I’m
    Now 14 weeks pregnant. I can’t believe it!!! I’m
    Telling everyone about it!!!! Good luck xxx

  16. Jess

    Me and my partner had been trying to conceive for a few months, I came across this on the internet and decided to order it. Within the first month of using it I fell pregnant! Im currently 5 months pregnant with my first child. Definitely worth a try x

  17. Becca

    Me and my partner struggled for 6 months. I’m now 20 weeks pregnant. Lovely delivery with note and good luck charm, really nice to receive. Definitely worth a try.

  18. Kay Traves

    I used this in July 2017 and fell pregnant that month, my daughter is now 2 and a half almost 3. I definitely recommend this product!

  19. Sarah J

    I had been trying for three years with no luck, had all tests done and nothing showed why there should be complications. I bought these and started using, after my second month I was pregnant. Defiantly recommend.

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